Powered via AI & Advanced Machine Learning Technology

Using extensive life event triggers, demographics, sociographics, and psychographics, businesses are connected to consumers actively in-the-market for products and services based on:

  • Interpretation of consumers’ interests and passions through their behavior – what they search for, what they click on, what they view, what they share & what they purchase online.
  • Audiences’ mobile app usage for business searches that include:

Researching Financial Planners
Buying Life Insurance
Build or Buy a Home

Exploring Aesthetic Procedures
Purchasing a Major Appliance
Gym Membership

Laser Vision Correction
Preparing Tax Returns
Health & Dental Insurance

  • Continuous online research and observance of mobile app activity that predicts life events such as Planning a family to personal predispositions including dining preferences, desired vacation destinations, and countless other propensities.