New Movers Search for Businesses “Near Me”


Once the move is complete, movers want to get to know their neighborhood. One way they do this is by conducting “Near Me” searches. Movers are 88% more likely than the average consumer to use the phrase “near me” when searching online.

Direct mail is still a great choice for reaching new movers, especially new homeowners whose mailboxes are still relatively empty. 80% of new movers will redeem coupons from merchants before, during, and after the move so use direct mail to your advantage and send enticing offers, discounts, freebies, and other valuable rewards to encourage consumers to try out your services and products.

When searching for new businesses and services, movers clearly do not depend on one channel alone for research. They use a variety of channels, depending on what they are looking for and what stage they are at in the moving process. They may head to the Internet to research a new service provider, see a direct mail piece from your company, and then finally respond to your email offer.

Town Hall provides a multiple approach in reaching new movers.

~ Direct Mail

~ Email Marketing

~ Social Media Marketing

~ Display Ads on Websites visited

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