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New Movers Search for Businesses “Near Me”

Once the move is complete, movers want to get to know their neighborhood. One way they do this is by conducting “Near Me” searches. Movers are 88% more likely than the average consumer to use the phrase “near me” when searching online. Direct mail is still a great choice for reaching new movers, especially new…
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40 Million People Move Each Year – Some are Your Customers

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 40 million people move each year, meaning the average business needs to replace about 20% of its customer base that move away in any given year. Targeting new movers who are looking to establish a new relationship with local businesses should be an important strategy for industries and…
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Running out of ideas for FB posts?

If your advertising strategy posting on social media, who are you reaching? Your followers. New families who are just moving to your community never heard of you. It’s unlikely they will find your FB page. We have a better way to attract new customers and boost sales. Contact us to find out how!
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5 Reasons Why You ALWAYS Need New Customers

Your customers move away. Your customers are aging and sometimes pass away. You customers will cancel your service. Your customers will go to your competition. Your customers aren’t your perfect customers.
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